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1st Polish Armoured Division
Independent Heavy Machine Guns Squadron (CKM)
World War Two

Welcome to the website of cavalry captain Kazimierz Duda

Kazimierz Duda
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70 years ago - 21/12/1944
La 3e brigade d'infanterie est envoyée dans le secteur de Capelle au nord-est de Breda

Last testimony:
Mark Nedza
my fathers story.
My Father also served in the 1st Armoured Division, his service record reads; With the polish army independent signal company, took part in the campaign in Poland from 1-9-1939 19-9-1939. Following the September campaign in Poland he made his way to France where he enlisted with the polish forces under French command on 1-5-1940 With 10 motorised cavalry brigade took part in the campaign in France (action on the Marne 11-6-17-6-1940). After the surrender of France was evacuated to the United Kingdom, arrived on 25-6-1940 and came under British command with effect from 1-7-1940. Posted to 1 reconnaissance regiment subsequently with effect from 6-4-1944 transferred to the independent machine gun squadron, 1 polish armoured division 1 polish corps served in the UK 1940-44 and on the continent 1944-47. Returned to the UK (hull) from Cuxhaven Germany on 21-4-1947 Due to gradual demobilisation of the polish forces under British command was enlisted with the polish resettlement corps – served in the UK until finally discharged on completion of his two years contract with the PRC as above. With his help i documented his story and posted it to the BBC Peoples War website which documents many similar experiences. Like the website. Keep up the good work. Mark
Links : http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ww2peopleswar/stories/84/a2232884.shtml
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Last identification:
Anton Willaert
Dear sir, Jan Jarmulski (number 80 in the list) worked in the north of France before the war. Being acquainted with the mother of my father-in-law, he brought her a visit when the division liberated Ypres ( Belgium) and even send her a postcard during the campaing in the Netherlands. We still have the handwritten original postcard. Unfortunately my father-in-law's mother died yesterday. Which brought my father-in-law to say that he didn't furfill his promise of finding out what happened with Jan Jarmulski. Something his mother requested once. I'm hoping you could help us out with some more information about Jan Jarmulski so that my father-in-law finaly knows what happened to that Polish soldier his mother talked about. If Jan Jarmulski died during or after the war, could you let me know when and where? We would be very grateful! Greetings, Anton Willaert Ypres, Belgium
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Kazimierz DUDA was a captain of the C.K.M squadron (szwadron Ciezkich Karabinów Maszynowych - Independent Heavy Machine Gun Squadron) in the 1st Polish armoured division during World War II.
The purpose of this web site is to share information about Kazimierz DUDA's pictures and documents, exchange testimonies, recall to memory and honor all the men he fought with.
Steven DUDA
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